How to Stay Motivated to Stay Sugar Free

11:23 AM - February 15, 2015 by Lorelei

Staying motivated to a strict no sugar or low sugar diet takes some fortitude. You can do it if you’re properly motivated. We’re each motivated by different things. The following ideas may help you identify a motivation tactic that is right for you.

Goals and Rewards

Consider setting some sort of goal for your sugar elimination and predetermining a reward that you’ll give yourself when you achieve your goal. For example, you might decide to give up all sugar for a month. Upon completion of your goal you might buy a new outfit. Chances are you’ll have lost weight, so some new clothes may be required anyway. Or you might take a short vacation or treat yourself to a spa day.

Remind Yourself What Sugar is Doing to Your Body


If rewards aren’t motivating, you might be motivated to learn more about what sugar does to a person’s body. Start researching sugar studies. Subscribe to periodicals dedicated to good health and healthy eating. Print out articles that are particularly motivating. By keeping yourself clear on the dangers of sugar, you might easily avoid any temptations.

Visual Reminders


If you’re a visual person then you might stay motivated by creating a vision board. A vision board is a representation of your goals and ideals. You can create a vision board by cutting out inspirational pictures and quotations and adding them to a cork board with pins or by gluing them to a poster board.

Your vision board can be whatever you want it to be. However, the images on your board do need to be motivating and relate specifically to the reasons you’re eliminating sugar.
For example, if you’re cutting out sugar to lose weight then you might add to the board an image of yourself at a healthier weight. If you want to have a healthy heart and feel more energetic you might add an image of energy and vitality to your board. Hang your board somewhere you can see it often. You might hang it in your bathroom so you see it in the morning and at night before you go to bed.


Use the Buddy System


Some people are motivated by their peers and the company of others. Find a friend or partner to go through the sugar elimination with you. Make an agreement that when either one of you is dealing with temptation, you can call the other one for support.

You might even help each other with meal planning and preparation. The support of friends and family can help you get through the most significant challenges as you work together to improve your health.

Pick Three Cheats


The concept of completely eliminating something from your life may seem like too much. Consider building into your elimination the concept of cheats.

If, for example, you’re giving up sugar for a year, then three to five cheats may help you get through the process. Some people adhere to the “eat perfectly six days a week and make one day your cheat day” advice given by so many health experts.

As you begin to improve your health the cheats will feel less satisfying, and you’ll likely find yourself skipping them altogether. However, the promise of the ability to have a cheat will help you get through the week or month.

The food you eat has the potential to support you or destroy you. It sounds dramatic to say, but it’s the truth. Sugar has been compared to nicotine and cigarettes in its unique ability to slowly destroy the human body. The effects of sugar may not be visible yet, however if you continue to eat foods with added sugar, rest assured you’ll eventually experience a very negative outcome.

Your body is adaptable, and its powers of regeneration are amazing. In most cases, if the damage isn’t too significant you can reverse it by simply changing your diet. Nutritionists and doctors agree that the very best thing you can do for yourself and your health is to eliminate sugar.

Track your intake, set goals, and start eliminating sugar from your life today. There’s no time to waste, your health is too important to wait. Check out my 21 Day Sugar Detox book review.



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