Ignoring Your Sweet Tooth

10:00 AM - January 15, 2013 by Adam Short

Instead of saying “no” to your sweet tooth and denying its existence, try incorporating naturally sweet foods into your diet. As your taste buds change you’ll be amazed just how incredibly sweet a berry or a carrot actually tastes.
Add fruit to your morning breakfast routine. You can even invest in some kitchen gadgets like a dehydrator and make your own dehydrated fruits and veggie chips. They can be a satisfying snack. You won’t miss the candy bar when you have dehydrated strawberries to snack on.

Remember Starchy is Sugary Too

Sugary snacks and foods aren’t just sweet. Items like potato chips and lunch meats, and breaded chicken are savory and they contain sugar. Read the labels and keep a list of sugars handy so you know you’re eating something that is safe and good for you.

Expecting Perfection


Giving up sugar is difficult and you may make a mistake. You might inadvertently have a dressing on your salad that has sugar. You might have a bad moment and eat a potato chip. Don’t give up on yourself or this process if you make a mistake. Promise to do better and start again.

Not Having a Plan


Finally, the last mistake to avoid is going into this elimination diet without a plan. How long are you going to eliminate sugar? Are you going cold turkey or slowly eliminating sugar from your diet.

If you’re going to eliminate it slowly, what foods will you start with first? What’s going next? And what will you replace those sugary foods with? How will you fuel your body and take exceptional care of yourself during this time period? Have a plan. This site offers several tips, ideas, and steps. Use them to craft a plan that works for you.

Eating Out


Let’s just be honest here and say that eating out poses some serious challenges. Ask your waiter if there’s sugar in the steak, they’ll probably say yes. Ask them if there’s sugar in the coleslaw and the answer will be yes. There’s sugar in practically everything at a restaurant. You need to plan ahead.

Eat well before you go so that you’re not starving and don’t cave into temptation. Also look to find the menu online before you go. Salads, fish, and steamed veggies are generally safe options. Fine dining restaurants may have less sugar in their menu items than fast casual or fast food restaurants.

Food in a Hurry


21 Day Sugar Detox MenuAnother set of common mistakes or challenges are those times when you need food in a hurry. Undoubtedly anything you grab at a convenience store or at a fast food restaurant will have sugar. Planning ahead and preparing for emergencies is the best option.

For example, you might keep nuts and other snack foods with you at all times so that if you’re forced to miss a meal, or find that you’re hungry, you have a safe option.

Additionally, consider preparing food items in advance. Steel cut oats for example, can be soaked overnight, heated up in the morning in your microwave and enjoyed with nuts and milk. Eggs can be baked in muffin tins and stored in the refrigerator.

The egg muffins, which can be cooked with sugar free bacon, sausage, or veggies, heat up quickly in the microwave and provide a fast and healthy breakfast or snack. Meal planning and advanced preparation help take some of burden off of a sugar elimination diet.

With a bit of planning and preparation, you can achieve your goal of cutting your dependency on sugar. You can take control over your health and wellbeing and eliminate sugar from your life.

As discussed, giving up sugar and living without it won’t be without challenges. Until the rest of the world catches up to the damage that sugar causes the human body, manufacturers will continue to add it to foods and people will continue to be addicted. 
Until then, you’re going to want to stay focused and motivated on protecting and safeguarding your health. 

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