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Tricks for Baking Without Sugar

11:23 PM - January 28, 2015 by Lorelei

Now that you have some background you’re likely thinking about all the things you think you have to do without when you go sugar free. But, the truth is, you really don’t have to do without anything. You can still enjoy baked goods, but the new baked goods you create will have a healthy twist.
Learn the Science of Baking
The things you have to consider in baking are the proportions and why the ingredients are added to the mixture. Sometimes sugar is more than a sweetener, and in those cases, you might have to find something to substitute for the right texture. If a recipe calls for white sugar, and oil, you may be able to skip the oil and use just one of the syrupy substitutes like honey or yacon syrup, or a mixture. Most of the time when using sweeteners that aren’t white sugar, you should mix two types to give it a better flavor.
Consider the Sweetness Level
Many of the healthier varieties of sweetener have different levels of sweetness compared to sugar. Consider that when you bake. For example, honey is sweeter than sugar, so you will need less to get the same sweetness level. Maple syrup is less sweet than sugar so you might need to experiment to get it right.
Liquid vs. Dry Ingredients
If you are adding liquid sweeteners to a recipe that calls for a dry sweetener, you’ll need to adjust the liquid proportionately. It’s not going to be a one for one thing, so you’ll need to understand how thin or thick the batter is supposed to be and typically you’ll need to lower the amount of other liquids in the recipe.
Use Fruit & Dried Fruit
For some recipes, you may be able to skip most sweeteners by just using fruit. For example, does apple pie really need a bunch of sugar in it? Try making banana bread with extra bananas blended in a blender to ensure you get all the flour wet, and then add a lot of chopped dried fruit like raisins, cherries, and dates, instead of sugar. Add more than you think you need so every bite you get fruit. That, along with nuts will taste delicious without sugar or oil.
It may take some experimentation to give up processed sugar, but the truth is the benefits will far outweigh the problems. Plus, given enough time, table sugar will start tasting like the poison that it is.
If you want to give up sugar, the best way to do it is to go cold turkey. Don’t add anything sweet to your diet outside of raw fruit for at least a month. After the month is over, you can start experimenting a little with the healthy alternatives like 100 percent maple syrup. But remember, even these are to be used only in moderation. 

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